After sales visit at customer TM-Print St. Petersburg.
The HD WEB 8 was sold, installed and commissioned in Jan/Feb.2012 by FPM. A visit and machine service was carried out by S. Fürbass in October 2012. The machine is running successfully and is in production around the clock and the Chairman of TM-Print, Mr. Federov, has confirmed his satisfaction with the HD WEB 8.

HD WEB 8 at TM-Print STORK horiz. splicer, 4 HD-Printing-units, JET-WEB remoistable gluing unit, VITS dryer, VITS-dryer, HD-Chill roll-group, HD-Perforating–unit, HD-folder, VITS-sheeter, MULLER-MARTINI Trimming line,
presenting the FPM-shirt to Mr. Artem Trofimov, Works director of TM Print and Mrs. Maria Astafieva, Director of the Purchase Department Mr. Victor Buchan, Manager Maintenance department TM Print, Sergey Syrych, responsible for electrical maintenance at TM Print