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Web Offset Printing Machines 16-Page Commercial Web Offset Printing Press


Kennziffer Hersteller Model Baujahr Abschnittlänge Bahnbreite
A30048 NEW OFFER KBA Compakta 618 1998 620mm 1450mm

Koenig & Bauer Compacta 618 - 4 Doppeldruckwerke

KBA C618 - Rollenwechsler, Druckwerke und Trockner

KBA Compacta 618 - 4 Printing Units

KBA C618 - Splicer, Printing Units, Dryer


KBA C618 - Trockner, Falzapparat

KBA C618- Kühlwalzen und Falzapparat

KBA C618 - Rollenwechsler Pastomat RC

KBA C618 - Dryer, Folder

KBA C618- Chillrollgroup and Folder

KBA C618 - Pastomat RC automatic splicer

KBA C618 - Grafikontrol Registersystem KBA C618 - Bedienpulte inkl. GMI closed loop control KBA C618 - GMI closed loop control

KBA C618 - Grafikontrol Regitersystem

KBA C618 - Operaterpanell inc. GMI closed loop control

KBA C618 - GMI closed loop control

KBA C618 - Maschinenleitstand inkl. Grafikontrol Registersystem KBA C618 - ROTA-SCHNEIDER Schneidestraße KBA C618 - RIMA-SYSTEM Kreuzleger
KBA C618 - Operatorpanells KBA C618 - ROTA-SCHNEIDER trimmingline KBA C618 - RIMA-SYSTEM Compensating stacker
KBA C618 - MOSCA Umreifungsmaschine KBA C618 - MÜLLER MARTINI AVANTI Stangenausleger KBA C618 - RIMA-SYSTEM Palletierroboter
KBA C618 - MOSCA strapping machine KBA C618 - MULLER MARTINI AVANTI Log Stacker KBA C618 - RIMA-SYSTEM pelletizing robot

Maschinen Konfiguration KBA C 618
48 - Page Commercial Web Offset Printing Press
Kennziffer A30048
Hersteller KBA
Model COMPACTA 618

1 KBA PASTOMAT RC automatic Splicer
1 KBA EZW 1500 Infeed Unit

KBA COMPACTA 618 Blanket to Blanket Printing Units

  • Betz automatic ink leveling
  • Baldwin automatic blanket cleaning system
  • Semi-automatic plate change system
1 TECHNOTRANS FAZ-C  40.000 W dampening water system
1 Web Severer within Web Catcher Unit
1 VITS SIRIUS OTS-  14 m Hot Air dryer
  • With integrated afterburner
  • Suitable for propane gas
1 Chill Roll Stand KWS-CE-1450L-2A25-3
  • With Baldwin cleaning system at the first chill roller
1 Erhardt & Leimer Web Centre Control
1 Technotrans Silicone Applicator Device
1 KBA Folder Superstructure comprising:
  • Slitting section for three ribbons
  • 2 pairs of parallel angle bars, cantilever supported,
  • 3 linear register rollers
  • 71 Degree former
1 KBA P5-1240L  2:5:5 Combination Folder for “long grain’’ products:
  • Tabloid
  • Quarter Fold (Chopper)
1 Stitcher at the first cross fold
1 GMI closed loop control of Colour density and chromatic balance
1 GRAFIKONTROL CR10-W/O automatic Colour Register System

GRAFIKONTROL CR10-T automatic Cut-off  Register System

1 GRAFIKONTROL CR8 basic System Ribbon Register Control
1 KBA OPERA Electrical Drive, Control and Automation System
  • Drivetronic for decentralized control and individual drives
  • Ergotronic with 2 press master control desks
  • Colortronic with 2 ink setting desks including illumination
1 KBA SCANTRONIC plate scanner
1 BETZ Ink Supply Unit with ink pumps and ink consumption registration
1 AXIMA Water Recirculation Cooling Plant
1 Cooling Tower
1 Plate Bender
1 Plate Punch

Post- Press Equipment

1 ROTA-SCHNEIDER Curve-/Bump-Turn Module
1 RIMA-SYSTEM Compensating Stacker
1 RIMA-SYSTEM Blocking Unit
1 RIMA-SYSTEM Robotic Palletizer
1 MOSCA Strapping Machines