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Web Offset Printing Machines 16-Page Commercial Web Offset Printing Press

Kennziffer Manufactur Model Age Max. web width: Cut-off:
A20084 MAN Rotoman N 1997 630mm 965mm

MAN Rotoman N
16-Page Commercial Web Offset Printing Press

  • One web operation
  • Paper running direction right to left (left-hand press)
  • Year 1997

Max. web width:                  965 mm
Cut-off:                                   630 mm
Max. speed:                          50.000 U/h *)

Equipment mainly comprising of:


MEGTEC DLP automatic „flying“ Splicer


LFT manual Reel Loading System


MAN Infeed

  • E & L integrated Web Guides

Rotoman N Blanket to Blanket Printing Units

  • PPL System - automatic Plate Loading
  • Betz automatic Ink Levelling
  • Oxy-Dry automatic Blanket Cleaning System
1 Technotrans Type FAZ C 20 000 W Unit
  • Dampening Recirculation and Cooling
  • One Pre-Filter per Printing Unit
1 MAN Severer and Web Catcher Unit

VITS Sirius Type OTS-I, 9 m Hot Air Dryer

  • With integrated Afterburner
1 MAN Chill Roll Unit
  • With 5 Chill Rollers
  • Baldwin Cleaning System at the first Chill Roller
1 WEKO RFS Remoistening Unit

Support Frame Housing

  • Web Path Rollers
  • WEKO Silicone Applicators
  • E & L integrated Web Guides

MAN Folder Superstructure

    • One Slitting Section at RFB
    • Two Angle Bar/Ribbon Levels
    • RTF
    • Air Loaded Former
    • Air blowers for Angle Bars and Former

MAN Rotoman 1:2:3:1 Combination Folder for following folds:

    • Tabloid (A3)
    • Quarter Fold Chopper (A4)
    • Double Parallel
    • Delta
    • A3 and A4 Deliveries
    • Half cut-off Cut/Collet Cylinder
1 VALCO Combijet Softening and Gluing System
  • With 4 Heads

PRESSTECH Autotron 1400 automatic Colour Register Control System


PRESSTECH Webatron 3200 automatic Cut-Off Control System


X-RITE IntelliTrax automatic Colour Density Control System


MAN PECOM Press Control System

  • With 3 Consoles
1 BAUMÜLLER Main Electrical Drive System
1 MAN Plate Bender
1 M & A Plate Punch

SULZER Central Chilling Plant including Chill Tower




  1      Set of Conveyor Belts and Curves

  1      GÄMMERLER combined Bump-Turn/Curve Module

  1      ROTA-SCHNEIDER Bump-Turn Module 

  2      ROTA-SCHNEIDER Rotary Trimmers

  1      RIMA Compensating Stacker


Immediately and as per agreement

MEGTEC DLP „flying“ Splicer 5 Unit Rotoman N Press

Printing Unit with Power Plate Loading (PPL) MAN Pecom Press Control System

MAN Combination Folder Rota-Schneider Trimming Line